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coordinator + event production

Hometown:                   Silverton, OR

Sign:                               Scorpio

Style:                              Country Girl Meets City Girl with a Hint                                                        of Hippy

Fav. Color:                     Grey

Fav. Drink:                      Vodka Martini with Olives

Fav: Quote:                   “It is our choices, Harry, that show us                                                            what we truly are, far more than our                                                            abilities.” –  Albus Dumbledore

It’s all about love for this small-town girl.  A hopeless romantic and big believer in happily-ever-after, Juliana takes great joy in learning peoples’ love stories and seeing them through to their big day.  Yet another service industry veteran (servers of a feather flock together!) she knows the importance and strength in genuinely connecting with people, attention to detail, and excellent listening skills – she will never stop hustling to make dreams come true.  


A creative spirit and adventurer at heart, Juliana worked for years at a desk running restaurant marketing and social media where she learned to balance discipline, structure, and imagination – she now applies those skills to every project she is privileged to be involved in.  Her work as a writer, rookie photographer, and independent contractor now allows her to work hard at her passions, travel, and spend maximum time exploring all the food with her handsome husband and hiking through nature with her dog/best friend, Wizard.  The goal is to never stop learning, beam positivity into everything she does, and to create and document joy and beauty in as many ways as possible.  

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