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coordinator + event production

HOMETOWN:                       La Cañada 

SIGN:                                    Taurus 

STYLE:                                   Eclectic, + Moody

COLOR:                                Emerald

DRINK:                                  Kombucha 

QUOTE:                                   “The need to be right – the sign of                                                            a vulgar mind.” -Albert Camus

Having been a bridesmaid over 10 times for friends and family, Sadie is no stranger to the wedding industry. Her depth of experience from within the bridal party, coupled with her intrinsic love of holy matrimony, have collided to create the perfect intersection into the wedding planning industry.


Before transitioning into events, Sadie worked in Television Production. This precursor not only taught her how to think on her feet but also familiarized her with the process of juggling several different moving parts, while also keeping a timeline. In addition, she spent years working as a Personal Assistant, honing her attention to detail and her organizational skills. Sadie speaks fluent Spanish, making her communication versatile within the melting pot that is LA.


When she’s not working, you can find Sadie performing sketch comedy, making people laugh with her improv groups, eating street corn and refurbishing any piece of furniture she finds on the side of the road.

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