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event production

Hometown:                        Kingsport, Tennessee

Sign:                                    Sagittarius

Style:                                   Casual, Rocker Chic

Favorite Color:                  Cornflower Blue

Favorite Drink:                   Whiskey neat

Favorite Quote:                    “It’s not so much what we have in this                                                         life that matters. It’s what we do with                                                           what we have.” - Fred Rogers

After moving to Los Angeles and discovering a fervent interest in event planning, Meredith was hired as a production coordinator for the Television Academy. She is no stranger to high profile events and her experience working large scale live productions has helped her to grow her skills as an event professional.


Meredith’s efficiency, warmth, and strong work ethic lend well to her role in supporting our clients on event days. With a calming presence and a consistent smile, she strives to create a comfortable and sanguine atmosphere. The biggest reason that she loves to work events and why she has a soft spot for weddings is because Meredith loves to witness and facilitate the joy and the everlasting memories that result from special events.


Meredith fuels her optimism through drawing, gardening, film photography, live music, hiking, and backpacking. She is an explorer with an open mind eager to try new things and see new places.

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