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lead planner + stylist 

Hometown:               Santa Clarita, CA

Sign:                           Taurus

Style:                             Minimalistic, Bohemian + Sporty with a feminine                                               flare

Fav. Color:                 Grey

Fav. Drink:                  Coconut Water 

Fav: Quote:                  “Learn to see. Realize that everything                                                        connects to everything else.”

                                     – Leonardo da Vinci

After performing lackluster in traditional art classes such as drawing and painting, as well as backing out of her initial choice to study interior design in college, Sheena has finally settled into a career that is driven by her desire to help others and fueled by her passion for creativity. 


A 5-year background in retail Visual Merchandising has evolved into life as a Professional Organizer. During the day, she is busy helping others declutter their homes and their lives. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Recreation, Tourism and Hospitality Management, she holds herself to the highest standards of customer service and she is consistently motivated to make sure her clients are happy.


Sheena’s organizational skills, effective time management and ability to multitask create a strong backbone for superb event coordination. She truly cares about all of her clients and loves what she does, which shines through with her positivity and dedication. Her background in fashion, her stylish touch and (some would say) OCD tendencies help to ensure that our client's visions are executed with unforgiving levels of attention to detail.


Outside of work, she loves to spend her free time focusing on health and fitness. You can most often find her doing yoga and cooking healthy vegan food. She also likes to read, spend time in nature, dance, craft and take care of her plants. She is thankful for her loving family and her cats!

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