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Brianna & Chuck's Carondelet House Wedding

For this blog, we’re taking you back to May of 2019, and walking you through Brianna and Chuck’s big day in "wedding timeline" fashion.

At P.S. & Associates Event Planning, we prepare a comprehensive timeline that features all vendors and important details for the day. This timeline is sent to all vendors to ensure responsibility and punctuality from all ends.


This event took place at one of our favorite venues, Carondelet House, an Italian-inspired 1920’s home that sits in the heart of Los Angele. This beautiful home features several different spaces that can hold ceremonies, reception, cocktail hour, and photos. Just five minutes away, the couple, Brianna and Chuck, start the day off at their getting-ready location, Hotel Normandie.

  • 9:30AM: Elwynn & Cass, makeup team, and Raquel Marie, hair stylist, arrive on site at Hotel Normandie.

  • 11:30 AM: Chabeli (P.S. & Associates Event Planning) arrives on-site to assist the couple with anything they may need. The getting ready process will continue until around 1:30pm, once Brianna and all bridesmaids are all dolled up.

  • 12:30 PM: Chuck and his groomsmen have just returned from getting breakfast and will now check into their room at Hotel Normandie, where they will start their own getting ready process. They are met by another P.S. team member who will help assist them with anything they may need, like boutonnieres, ties, etc.

  • 1:00 PM: The groomsmen are departure ready, with pants, socks, shoes, shirt, and jacket off. Pro tip: We like to keep jackets off to avoid any sweating along the ride before photos. Another P.S. team member is now en route to Carondelet House. On event days that have lots of pickups, we will designate team members to handle pickups on their way to our event space. For this event, we had Jeannine stop by LARK Pasadena to grab our cake and cupcakes.

  • 1:30 PM: Bride and bridesmaids are all glammed up and preparing for their departure to the venue. Chabeli will assist with transportation and logistics of this process to ease the stress on brides.

  • 2:00 PM: Our venue is now open for install. Right away, we have our DJ, Ken of MES Entertainment, and our Florist from Rosebud Floral Design begin their setup and preparation process. They are met by two of our planners, Brianna and Sheena, who can assist them with their process in any way they may need. Their main focus is to prep decorations, starting with the welcome table and sign-in area, then to the ceremony space. For this particular event, we will be using the same space for ceremony and reception. Therefore, we will need to anticipate what we call “the flip” of the space.

  • 2:15 PM: Close family members, such as the couple’s parents begin arriving to prepare for their photos. At the same time, our Photographer, Victoria Tomasso, and our Videographer from Amari Productions are arriving on site. Using the upstairs area within the venue, we stage getting ready photos with the bride, bridesmaids, and the bride’s mother. We are keeping the couple separated at this time, using lots of communication and our handy dandy walkies. Downstairs, the groom is taking his getting-ready photos with his groomsmen. Using our pre-made “shot list”, Chabeli is able to guide the photographer and assure that the couple gets exactly what they were hoping for.

  • 3:00 PM: Next up, we are able to get the bride and groom together for their private first look. With this done, we are able to begin bridal party photos and romantics all before the ceremony even begins. One member of our team is assisting the family and bridal party, while Chabeli assists the couple. The other two team members are still installing the venue.

  • 4:00 PM: Immediate family begins their arrival and we are able to get right into family photos. While this was a lot of photos done at once, the couple will now be free to relax and enjoy their big day. The bridal party freshens up, and other family members are sent to the ceremony site. With guest arrival beginning shortly, our team establishes duties and posts during the event. One of us will stay at the front of the house to welcome guests and show them to our sign-in table. A couple of us will be with the bridal party, sending them down the aisle and helping ease their nerves. And another team member will be with our DJ, queuing him on song changes and more.

  • 5:00 PM: Guests are starting to arrive, use the sign-in globe, and drop their gifts for the couple.

  • 5:20 PM: All Vendors give the OK that they are in place and ready to start the ceremony. The bridal party and the groom walk down the aisle to Led Zeppelin. The bride walked down the aisle to Train’s Marry Me. Finally, Brianna and Chuck say “I do”.

  • 6:00 PM: With the ceremony concluded, we now want to give the couple a moment to themselves. Prior to this, our team confirms with catering to have drinks and appetizers prepared for the couple in their bridal suite. Guests go into cocktail hour. While Chabeli is with the couple, the rest of our team is either “flipping” the ceremony space or watching cocktail hour for any mishaps or needs. This “flip” starts with the moving of the chairs from their ceremony set up. Catering (Tres LA) then brings tables over next and we begin setting place cards and verifying our seating chart. Our catering team works around us as they set plates, glasses, and napkins. We place our seating chart sign, made by Simply Stated Stationery, in a spot visible to guests during cocktail hour. Once everything is all set up, we have our DJ announce the opening of the dinner space and open up the doors.

  • 7:15 PM: Our dinner service has begun. Meanwhile, Focus Photo Suites is arriving and sets up for guests to use after dinner. The P.S. team is setting up desserts and cakes as well as preparing for speeches. We locate all speakers, let them know approximately how much time they have until their speech, remind them of their order, and tell them where exactly they’ll be standing... then we stand with DJ to make sure all runs as it should.

  • 8:30 PM: With dinner concluded and the photo booth ready we are able to move forward to the last location for the night. After we are sure that everything is set and the photo booth is ready, we have our DJ make the announcement for guests to move to the dancing/bar area. After walking out to Usher for their grand entrance, the couple is ready to begin their first dance, then Mother/Son, and Father/Daughter dances.

  • 8:55 PM: DJ officially opens the dancefloor with a fun song. Brianna changes into her second dress. The final steps include cake cutting, bouquet toss, and dollar dance. During this time, part of our team is assisting the DJ with the timing of such dances, and the rest are striking the dinner area. The party continues until 11:15 PM, then guests begin their departure. Oftentimes, we use this time to pack up any decor or florals that could be used in the bridal suite. We love to add our P.S. touch and ensure that the couple will be going home to a clean, romantic suite.

  • 11:15 PM: We (all vendors) now have until 12AM to make Carondelet spotless and free of any remnants of the special day. We coordinate the strike of any rentals and decor.

  • 12:00 AM: Final Walk-Through of the venue with venue staff.... and, we OUT!

Hope you enjoyed reliving Brianna & Chuck's special day with us!

All Photography By: Victoria Tomasso

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