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Why A Bridal Hair and Makeup Trial Is So Important?

Photography- Images By Inda / Makeup Artist- Emily Lynn & Co.

The time has finally come. You are engaged and in full wedding planning mode. You already ordered your wedding dress and also got the wedding venue booked. Great! But don’t forget your wedding day is not complete without a hair and makeup artist. Every bride wants to look their best on their special day, and so they invest in hiring the best hair and makeup artist in town.

But many brides fail to realize how important the hair and makeup trial is to their dream day. Not having a trial run on your wedding day is more like booking the wedding venue without doing an in-person visit or picking your wedding dress without first trying it on. A bridal hair and makeup trial is a form of insurance for not only the bride but also the artist.

So, in this post, we will be highlighting some reasons every bride needs to schedule a bridal hair and makeup trial before their wedding day. We will also show you some things you need to prepare for one.

Photography- The I Do Photography

Reasons You Need a Bridal Hair and Makeup Trial Before Your Wedding Day

#1: It’s an opportunity to get to know your artist

A trial creates a perfect opportunity for you to know your artist and how skillful they are. You want to be sure you are choosing an artist that understands just what you want and how to roll with the vibe you are aiming to have on your wedding day. Of all the surprises you expect that day, choosing the wrong artist should not be one of them.

Plus, you don’t want to spend the whole time on your wedding day trying to communicate what you want with your stylist. All these can be done during your trial. Getting to meet your artist during the hair and makeup trial will surely help you feel relaxed, having a good idea of what your D-day will look like.

Photography- Images By Inda / Makeup Artist- Emily Lynn & Co.

#2: A trial gives you the chance to test new things

It is not uncommon to have some brides who are wearing makeup for the first time on their wedding day. If you are also the type that probably hasn’t tried airbrush makeup before, and curious to know what the rave is all about. A trial is a perfect time to try new things out and see what works best for you.

Some brides don’t think lashes will ever look good on them until they tested them out during trials. They end up loving them and dearly want to have them on their wedding day. So a trial gives you the chance to test new things and finally settle for the best look and products.

Photography- Christy Kendall Photography

#3: To avoid allergic reactions to certain products

You won’t be able to tell if you are allergic to certain products or cosmetic ingredients until you’ve tried it for the first time. Your wedding day is definitely not the right time to find out you are allergic to latex eyelash glue. That is what the trial session is designed to detect so you can have a perfect wedding day.

#4: It helps you know your options

This is similar to the point mentioned above. Your trial provides you the chance to try different looks and decide on the one that works best for you. That hairstyle or makeup you have always wished to have on your wedding day may not be possible afterward, depending on your hair, skin type, or face shape. The trial will be the time for your stylist to try different hairstyles, updos, and makeup that come into mind, with the idea of helping you choose one that looks best on you.

A trial session will also help you determine if it will be necessary to get hair extensions or other products ahead of time to help you achieve the desired results.

Photography- Lauren Mihae Photography

#5: Makes it easy to set a specific timeframe on the D-day

Wedding day schedules tend to be pretty tight. So, it is important to know exactly how much time it would take to perform your desired look so you can save a lot of valuable time. A trial session will help you conclude on what type of look you desire and how much time it will take to achieve it. That will help them know if they would need to start early so there will be enough time for pre-wedding photo sessions.

#6: It Will Also Give You the Chance to Discuss Other Important Details

A trial run also gives you the opportunity to discuss some other important details with your stylists. It is possible your look changes in the course of the event, depending on some factors. A trial is a time to ask if your stylists will be with you throughout the event and know what it takes to have them around.

Photography- Steve Cowell

How to Prepare For Your Bridal Hair and Makeup Trial

Know what you want:

Before setting an appointment with your hair and makeup stylist, try to look around for inspiration. That will help you know how you want to look on the D-day while also making it easier for your stylist to understand your needs and how to achieve them. Gotta love some #Pinterest for this!

Schedule your appointment smartly:

Understand that this type of appointment will likely take longer than your regular salon appointments. So, try not to schedule another appointment in the next two hours or so, so you can give your stylist enough time around.

Bring a photo of your wedding dress:

Your stylist should also know exactly what you will be wearing on the wedding day. The dress will go a long way to affect the style of your hair and makeup. So if you haven’t gotten your wedding dress yet, you may need to pause on scheduling a trial. But if you have, you should bring a photo for your stylist to see.

Hope that helps + Enjoy that trail!



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