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Let’s Talk About Mirco Weddings

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"Micro Weddings"

What are they??

What is a Micro Wedding? Well, it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like – a mini wedding. Not to be confused with an elopement, which focuses on an intimate ceremony, consisting of the couple and an officiant (plus an optional 10 or fewer guests). A micro wedding will format exactly like a full-size wedding, a ceremony followed by a cocktail hour and reception (traditionally). The main difference being that a micro wedding has a typical maximum of about 50 guests.

Are they right for you??

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How do you know if a micro wedding is right for you? This type of celebration offers a middle ground between a big party and a private elopement. It can be beneficial for your budget, it creates a more intimate experience, and it takes away a lot of the extra fuss over large-scale details. It also opens up possibilities for upscale décor and table design, high-end food, an open bar, and live music. Essentially, your budget stretches further when you aren’t accommodating hundreds of guests and this allows you to elevate the details. Furthermore, if you aren’t all so fond of being the center of attention, a more intimate wedding is right up your alley. A downsized guest count creates a more relaxed environment, where you aren’t being pulled in several directions and feeling the pressure to say hello to hundreds of guests.

What’s the budget like??

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While a micro wedding CAN save you money, many couples opt to keep their budgets up and use these extra funds to create a dreamy atmosphere on their big day. A smaller guest count allows you to go above and beyond. It opens up the possibility of a beautiful and unique destination wedding, for example, where you may possibly be able to pay for a portion of guest accommodations. Maybe you want a full wedding weekend, with a welcome dinner, rehearsal dinner, wedding day festivities, and a post-wedding day brunch. This would be a lot more financially strenuous with a guest count of 200 but with only 35-50 people, it becomes a lot more feasible.

On the flip side, you can, of course, be more conservative with a micro wedding budget. Fewer guests means less rentals (tables, chairs, plates, cups, cutlery..,.you get the point). It also means less food (catering tends to be $$ per head), less alcohol, less stationery (invites and save the dates can add up), and really, less of everything. You can absolutely create a VERY budget-friendly micro wedding. In today’s world of increasing prices, this may be music to the ears of some couples looking to tie the knot, without breaking the bank.

Get creative!!

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A micro wedding truly allows your creativity to soar. Your personality as a couple is able to shine through, as more attention (and funds) can be given to creating a unique experience. Personalized favors at every seat? Go for it. Super grand budget for floral accents because you have a lifelong love of flowers?

Don’t hold back. Really want those special order rose gold chairs? DO IT. You can truly go above and beyond with a micro wedding. Venue options are nearly limitless. Catering can be easily elevated towards a custom menu, multiple course meal, and plated dinner service, without concerns of sacrificing quality or adding TOO much lengthy time to the dinner. With a larger guest count, this type of dinner service would take so long, that it would deduct from the dancing and late-night party time, as many venues have a hard out at a certain hour. Let your imagination run wild with a micro wedding because in this case, it’s fully achievable!!

Hire the Pros.

Another wonderful benefit of micro weddings is that your budget opens up and allows you to hire the best quality vendors. With less money being spent to accommodate a larger guest count, you don’t need to be so selective with vendors. A tighter budget often results in selecting vendors that fit within a certain price range, perhaps pushing you to compromise on the band that you fell in love with or the photographer that you’ve been stalking on social media for several years, without realizing that they are a pricey hire. Vendors who have higher price points are (more often than not) more experienced than their less expensive competitors. It can absolutely have an impact on quality. A micro wedding allows you to zero in on details, not only of the design and guest accommodations but also of hiring the top-notch vendor team of your dreams.

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