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Get to know Coordinator, Juliana of P.S. & Associates Event Planning

Wedding Coordinator, Juliana
Photography: Liv Life Studio

Juliana Slemenda- Coordinator at P.S. & Associates Event Planning

It’s all about love for this small-town girl.  A hopeless romantic and big believer in happily-ever-after, Juliana takes great joy in learning peoples’ love stories and seeing them through to their big day.  Yet another service industry veteran (servers of a feather flock together!) she knows the importance and strength in genuinely connecting with people, attention to detail, and excellent listening skills – she will never stop hustling to make dreams come true.

question time. ready. set. go.

Name: Juliana Rose Slemenda 

Hometown: Silverton, OR

Current Residence: Pasadena, CA

How long have you been w/ P.S: 4 years

Favorite Color: Mustard yellow

Favorite Movie: The Wizard of OZ 

Favorite Quote: “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” - Gandalf the Grey

Favorite Drink: Sparkling rosé or vodka martini

Most Memorable P.S. Plans Moment:

Stitching a bridesmaid into her ripped dress on one of my first weddings with PS! 

Most Stressful P.S. Plans Moment:

When you’re missing a vendor, have no cellphone service, a very tiny crew...and guests are arriving. 

Favorite overall wedding style or colors:

Wintery weddings! Moody colors punctuated by candlelight and a wedding dress with sleeves!

Favorite thing to do at the end of an event day:

Take off my shoes and socks and SIT DOWN! Aaaahhhhh. 

Favorite phrase to hear over the walkie on event day?

Go eat!

Favorite part of event day?

That moment when you finish the last install detail of the reception site and get to step back and look at the beauty you helped create before everyone comes in. So satisfying. 

Least favorite part of event day?

A drunk bridal party BEFORE the ceremony has even started. Like herding cats. 

Favorite Item in your event day emergency kit?

Altoids and safety pins. 

Favorite venue that P.S. has worked at?

Millwick is always fun, smooth, and beautiful. 

Favorite wedding dinner you’ve had while on a wedding?


What is your go-to event day outfit look like?

Black sleeveless turtleneck, black high waisted stretchy or loose pants. 

Favorite event day accessory?


Favorite event day snack?


Stranded on an island with one fellow P.S. team member, who is it + why?

Sheena would probably keep me alive and I know our mutual priority would be finding drinkable WATER. (But I could easily list reasons that I’d be LUCKY to be stranded with each and every one of our teammates.)

Finish the sentence:

On a P.S. wedding day I can’t wait to...

make some magic and LAUGH with some of the strongest, smartest, savviest women I know.  

Photography: Liv Life Studio

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