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Get to know Event Production team member, Meredith of P.S. & Associates Event Planning

Wedding Planner + Wedding Coordinator
Photography- Liv Life Studio

Meredith Jones- Event Production Team Member at P.S. & Associates Event Planning

After moving to Los Angeles and discovering a fervent interest in event planning, Meredith was hired as a production coordinator for the Television Academy. She is no stranger to high profile events and her experience working large scale live productions has helped her to grow her skills as an event professional.

question time. ready. set. go.

Name: Meredith Grace Jones Hometown: Kingsport, Tennessee Current Residence: Silver Lake, Los Angeles, California How long have you been w/ P.S: 16 months Favorite Color: Cornflower Blue Favorite Movie: The Wizard of Oz Favorite Quote: “It’s not so much what we have in this life that matters. It’s what we do with what we have.” - Fred Rogers Favorite Drink: George Dickel Rye Whiskey neat

Most Memorable P.S. Plans Moment: Probably the first wedding I worked with P.S. Plans… All I can say is 300+ people, 5 bathroom stalls, lots of toilet paper, and a septic tank do NOT go well together. Luckily my sidekick (plunger) and I survived the event.

Most Stressful P.S. Plans Moment: The time I had to conduct a Baraat. The groom had a specific playlist that he wanted to blast while he made his way to the wedding venue. Me + another P.S. team member had to lug a very heavy generator and speaker alongside the groom, his family, and friends. We had to make sure that the generator and speaker stayed connected… which was extremely challenging. AND on top of that, the Bluetooth connection was not great, so the music would cut out.

Favorite overall wedding style or colors: Natural + Minimalistic. White Smoke, Grey, Green Leaf, Cornflower Blue. Favorite thing to do at the end of an event day? Cuddle up on the couch with my PS crew, chow down on takeout, sip on some craft beer and reflect on the day.

Favorite phrase to hear over the walkie on event day? The thing that tickles me the most is probably all the cursing or when someone is trying to find “Jeannine!”

Favorite part of event day? The ceremony. Seeing our beautiful bride shine and everyone’s reaction.

Least favorite part of event day? Break down/clean up.

Favorite Item in your event day emergency kit? My mini sewing kit. That baby has been my strongest ally on separate occasions. You never know when someone’s going to split their pants…

Favorite venue that P.S. has worked at? My favorite venue that I’ve had the opportunity to work at is Klentner Ranch in Carpinteria, California. Polo barns, avocado orchards, stunning ocean, and mountain views. You could say I’m a huge sucker for an outdoor location.

Favorite wedding dinner you’ve had while on a wedding? Roasted veggie pasta medley from Little Lily’s Kitchen. They always whip up something delicious for us vegetarians/vegans.

What is your go-to event day outfit look like? All black everything! My go-to is usually a blazer with a sleek top, high- waisted dress pants, and wedged booties.

Favorite event day accessory? A hand wrapped crystal necklace.

Favorite event day snack? Sheena always packs the best snacks, so I usually bum something from her. Maybe dried mango or paleo puffs. Stranded on an island with one fellow P.S. team member, who is it + why? SHEENS! She’s the Thelma to my Louise and real-life bestie. We complement each other so well and with our skills combined, we would flourish on a stranded island. Sheena is extremely intelligent and loves to think outside of the box. So, if we were stuck in a pickle, she’d come up with not only plan A but also plan B – Z. She is very outdoorsy, nurturing, and has a holistic approach to life.

Finish the sentence: On a P.S. wedding day I can’t wait to…

See our stunning bride and make her dream day come true. Creating a bond, collaborating together, and having an emotional experience with our bride is the best feeling in the world – so rewarding!

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