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Get to know Lead Planner + Stylist, Sheena of P.S. & Associates Event Planning

Wedding Planner, Sheena
Photography: Liv Life Studio

Sheena Sheehy- Lead Planner & Stylist at P.S. & Associates Event Planning

After performing lackluster in traditional art classes such as drawing and painting, as well as backing out of her initial choice to study interior design in college, Sheena has finally settled into a career that is driven by her desire to help others and fueled by her passion for creativity.

question time. ready. set. go.

Name: Sheena Sheehy Hometown: Santa Clarita, CA Current Residence: Culver City, CA How long have you been w/ P.S: 4 years Favorite Color: Grey Favorite Movie: Step Brothers Favorite Quote: “Learn to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.” ~Leonardo da Vinci Favorite Drink: Coconut Water Most Memorable P.S. Plans Moment: Well, it would have to be the hardest day that I’ve ever worked. Long story short…we were up in Mendocino CA (aka middle of nowhere) and our caterer got into a car accident, making him and his staff insanely late. We had to kick it into high gear. There were only 3 of us at that wedding, and Chabeli was busy with bride + groom. Juliana and I had to rush to set up all the reception tables (usually caterings job) and we had to keep guests calm, as the food was delayed by hours. At one point, we were about to run out of cups (again, caterings responsibility) so I had to run down to the only store that was open (closed at literally 6 pm) and try to buy cups. They didn’t have any for sale but they had branded cups that they put out for people to self-serve and purchase cups of coffee. I cried to the clerk and she gave me a bunch of free cups. Crying for cups is probably my most memorable moment ever. Also, they were real tears and I didn’t fake it. The rest of that evening was also insane, but I’ll save that for another time. Most Stressful P.S. Plans Moment:

On an event day that I was leading, we had a vase break. The vase was purchased by the mother of the bride to be a part of the dessert table décor. It was a complete accident and we tried to glue it but unfortunately, it was a no go. I cried, a few times. In the end, the MOB was not upset in the slightest so it’s safe to say that I took it harder than anyone else.

Favorite overall wedding style or colors: My favorite wedding style would be a Bohemian-Industrial mashup. I love cacti and succulents as accents. If I could, I would make every event as eco-friendly as possible. My favorite wedding colors are olive green, maroon and all the neutrals (white, black, grey). I also love metallic pops (rose gold FTW).

Favorite thing to do at the end of an event day: LOL, can I answer this honestly? Go home and smoke a joint with my cats while watching The Office and eating a snack. Favorite phrase to hear over the walkie on event day? “JEANNINE??!!??”

Favorite part of event day? Sending the bride down the aisle. Catching sight of the groom’s face, if I can. Then, the vows. I love when couples write their own vows and if they’re really sentimental…you will likely find me crying in the back.

Least favorite part of event day? Any time when a vendor isn’t performing up to our standards. Sometimes, clients have already picked certain vendors before they hire us and we have no say in the matter. Of course, that’s not always a problem. Every now and then, we end up with a “friendor” AKA a friend who is acting as a vendor, and that is tough! I particularly hate when that person ends up being the MC and CANNOT handle themselves on a microphone. I have stood next to amateur DJs to feed them line by line because their announcements were so cringe-worthy, that we couldn’t deal.

Favorite Item in your event day emergency kit? A lavender essential oil roller that I keep on hand, in case a bride/groom or someone in the bridal party gets anxiety. I suffer from anxiety myself and rolling a bit of lavender in your palm, then cupping it over your nose and breathing deeply, really helps to calm me down. I’ve used it before when the Maid of Honor was completely freaking out about giving a speech. It made me feel really good to be able to help her calm her nerves and she thanked me several times.

Favorite venue that P.S. has worked at? I really enjoyed working in Mammoth, CA. The ceremony was at a beautiful outdoor location (Forest Chapel at Tamarack Lodge) under the trees and next to a lake. Getting married under the trees would be my personal choice, so it really stood out to me. The reception took place McCoy Station, which can only be accessed by taking the gondola up Mammoth Mountain. The views were stunning and the gondola was a whole lot of fun. After it got dark, riding the gondola back down the mountain (us coordinators went up and down a few times, during the event breakdown) was crazy! It was pitch black…so black you couldn’t even see your own hands. Some other girls were a little scared but I thought it was a super fun and unique experience.

Favorite wedding dinner you’ve had while at a wedding? Being the difficult eater in the group, I often get random meals at weddings. I am vegan and gluten-free, and I hate cooked mushrooms…so like, the catering staff just LOVE me ;) My favorite wedding dinner that I can think of was the most delicious ratatouille I’ve ever had. I still think about that meal!

What is your go-to event day outfit look like? I’m all about a comfortable jumpsuit and some stylish sneakers. Favorite event day accessory? My rose gold sneakers. Do shoes count as accessories? I think they do when they shineeeee.

Favorite event day snack? Since I am vegan and a picky eater, I come to every event day with a plethora of snacks NO JOKE. I would say my fav would be an apple. I also like trail mix for event days, it’s easy to grab a handful and keep moving.

Stranded on an island with one fellow P.S. team member, who is it + why? Meredith “toilet troll” Jones. BECAUSE – she’s my real-life best friend. She is super outdoorsy (like myself) and loves all things camping and survival. She is crafty, can light fires, grow food, she’s smart and resourceful. I think that together we would thrive on a stranded island. Also, we like the same kinds of music and activities, which will come in handy when we have to entertain each other.

Finish the sentence: On a P.S. wedding day I can’t wait to

see our bride SHINE in her dress. This is the most magical day for her and it’s so fun to see her transform into her own version of a princess. I’m usually working event installation and don’t get to be around for hair and makeup, so I don’t see her all done up until halfway through the day. Whenever I catch sight of her for the first time, it stops me in my tracks and I get super GIDDY.

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