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Get to know Owner + Lead Planner, Chabeli at P.S. & Associates Event Planning

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Chabeli Sanchez- Owner + Lead Planner at P.S. & Associates Event Planning

Chabeli promised herself she would always follow the passion for her work, not just a paycheck.  Constantly striving to top her last event is her motivation; she truly loves what she does and wouldn't change it for the world. What started out as a dream has now become a reality.  P.S. & Associates is not only her career but her life.

question time. ready. set. go.

Name: Chabeli Sanchez

Hometown: La Canada, CA

Current Residence: Valley Glen, California

How long have you been w/ P.S: I started P.S. in 2011!

Favorite Color: Currently a toss between Grey + Rose Gold

Favorite Movie: White Chicks, Scary Movies (1+2), Bridesmaids and Waiting.


Favorite Quote:  "I think I can" - The Little Engine That Could

Favorite Drink: Craft Beer or A Super Dirty Vodka Martini w/ Bleu Cheese Olives

Most Memorable P.S. Plans Moment:

I have SO many memorable moments...

The one that still till this day gives me chills is:

We had been planning with a client for over a year and her father had passed a little bit before we started working together. She was getting married at the hotel that her family would vacation every year when she was younger. During a site visit, her mother told me that she remembered her daughter as a child walking the venue with her father and she would tell him that the venue was the place she was going to get married when she was older.

Fast forward to the wedding day (ceremony site + reception was outside) and it looked like it was going to rain. Throughout the planning, our client would always say, "whatever the weather I am getting married outside". Well, it rained during install and we saw some sun coming through so we kept installing/ setting up. Then about 30 minutes before the ceremony it started raining again. The hotel wanted to pull it all inside immediately, but we fought for the outside. At that point, I knew the reception wouldn't happen outside so we HAD to make the ceremony work. I went and got the bride ready to walk down the aisle, let her know we had some rain but we would make it work. Guests sat, music started and the bridal party started to walk down the aisle.

And then, in my walkie, I heard-" We are ready for the bride"

I open the door and it stopped raining.

I couldn't believe it.

It completely stopped raining and a little sun.

I knew at that moment our bride's father was there. Making his daughter's dream come true.

AHHHH... Chills. Still. to. this. day.

Most Stressful P.S. Plans Moment:

A caterer getting into a car accident on the way to a wedding (in the middle of nowhere) after he was already 4hrs LATE to install (he had left something at his place so he had to go back to get it). Because of his lateness, he then didn't cook dinner on time ... it keeps going and gets worse but I'm starting to get anxiety even typing it out.

Favorite overall wedding style or colors:

White Blooms, dark greenery, loads of candlelight. Simple. Classic. Timeless.

Favorite thing to do at the end of an event day:

Drive-thru Taco Bell or McDonald's. DO NOT JUDGE.

Favorite phrase to hear over the walkie on event day?

“Dance Floor is Open"

Favorite part of event day?

If we do a first look, that, hands-down is my favorite time. We try and keep it just the couple and make it as private as possible. That moment is the sweetest.

Second, is probably the unveiling of the reception space. All of our hard work is completed and we can see it all come to life. We may have gone back and forth on a chair choice or the color of the linens, so, being able to see it LIVE, in the space is such a great moment.

Least favorite part of event day?

Lining up the bridal party for "grand entrance". The music is super loud, the bridal party is super loud.... hard to hear whats going on in your walkie. It makes for a very stressful situation and my "camp counselor voice DEF comes out."

Favorite Item in your event day emergency kit?

Boob tape + shout wipes. Hands-down, the best items of all time.

Favorite venue that P.S. has worked at?

AHHH... tough question.

I love SO many venues.

Here are my top 5:

**** I love spaces that have great bones, unique qualities and allow clients to design and create anything under the sun. All of these spaces above allow such personalization.

Favorite wedding dinner you’ve had while on a wedding?

This one wedding did this to die for spaghetti Pomodoro AND vanilla bourbon bread pudding for dinner. All the vendors got everything that guests were eating (this hardly ever happens PS)- our very own PAN of bread pudding. It was mind-blowing. MIND-BLOWING.

What is your go-to event day outfit look like?

Black slacks (typically ankle-length), black blouse or sweater, statement earrings or necklace, and black oxford shoes (sometimes rose gold, depends on the mood).

Favorite event day accessory?

My walkie is my lifeline on event day and is def an accessory to the overall look.

Favorite event day snack?

Sad to say, but I hardly ever eat on event day. I know. I know. Not great, I'm working on it.

Stranded on an island with one fellow P.S. team member, who is it + why?

It depends on the type of island...

If it's an island that gets more rain, then it would be Juliana because she enjoys the rain as I do. I think we would thrive in that climate.

If it's an island that's hot all the time, then it would be Sheena because of how resourceful she is and she would handle that island.

But, in all honesty, if we can't be stranded together then I don't want to be on that island.

Finish the sentence:

On a P.S. wedding day I can’t wait to...

See all of our hard work come to life and be able to witness two people start a new chapter in their life.

Photography: Liv Life Studio

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