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Priceless Benefits of Wedding Videography

Gabi + Carlos Wedding Video By Shark Pig Weddings

Simple observation: One of the most debated wedding vendors on the scene are videographers. (Aside from wedding planners, of course. We’ve already laid out our reasons for Why You Should Hire A Wedding Planner in a previous blog post though, in case you’re still on the fence with that one)

Some of the most common questions that we hear from our clients pertain to the benefits of wedding videography. Do the benefits outweigh the costs AKA is it worth it? Won’t the photos be enough? Can we afford to fit this cost into the budget?

Fair questions, indeed. The answer may not be the same for every couple, but we want to lay out some of the benefits of modern-day wedding videography so that you can decide for yourself. Videography Got A Make-Over It wasn’t that long ago when wedding videos seemed almost as long as the event itself. A clunky VHS tape, containing every movement of your big day + a few words from basically every guest. To be fair, how many of us have the patience to re-watch this even once, let alone multiple times?

The takeaway from hiring a wedding videographer has come a long way in recent years. The footage from your big day is now artistically strung together, paired with emotionally-charged music, and has your most heartwarming audio clips strategically sprinkled throughout. The end result resembles a lengthy movie trailer, ranging from anywhere between 3-10 minutes, on average (depending on the package you purchased). Requests can also be made to have certain aspects of the end result customized, such as a request to include the totality of your vows.

This shorter and more artistic representation of your wedding day makes for a wonderful anniversary activity. Couples experience joy through the ability to relive their big day, year after year. The shorter clip is also more manageable for family and close friends to re-watch (let’s be honest, it’s mostly Moms) or for those guests who were unable to attend.

Videos Are Worth (More Than) A Thousand Words If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video certainly blows that out of the water. Something that can’t be captured with photography alone, are audio clips from your wedding day. Audio allows you to relive the moments that seem to fly by. Many couples are so filled with nerves before and during their wedding ceremony, that it can seem to be over with before you know it. A videographer will pull clean and crisp audio from your ceremony + your vows, so that you will never forget this special moment in time, and you are able to relive it for as long as you like. The same can be said for your wedding speeches. Although at first thought, it may seem like having a family friend record the ceremony on their phone or iPad would be a cost-free alternative to hiring a videographer, this is a risky move. So many interferences can prevent audio from translating clearly (think wind, whispering guests in nearby chairs, external noise such as cars or planes or sirens, children crying, etc). A videographer will pull audio straight from the source of the microphone, so as to minimize or eliminate interferences all together. Capturing Motion Photographs definitely tell a story, there is no argument here. Yet, they don’t encompass the beauty of motion. The motion present as you walk down the aisle, your first dance, the laughter, the tears, the hugs and the energy of your post-dinner dance party – are all brought to life through videography.

Let us also point out that modern-day videographers tend to shoot in a documentary-style approach. Meaning, they are not all up in your face with lights and cameras and questions and posing. They stand back, they integrate into the environment, they follow along and they capture all of your “in-between” movements. They are there for the pure and candid moments, capturing the most organic essence of your love story and your big day. The Takeaway More often than not, wedding planning can feel like one payment after another. Ladies will most likely be purchasing the most expensive dress that they have ever owned (only to be worn for one day). Décor, rentals, and florals all cost a pretty penny and are only useful for this one day. Food is definitely not cheap and although guests will (hopefully) enjoy their meals, a lot of couples barely get a moment to savor the wedding food themselves.

The point is, as a couple getting married, you have a limited number of takeaways from your big day. Most of these purchases that you are investing in, in order to enhance your wedding, are only relevant for this one day. A wedding video, on the other hand, is a tangible takeaway that you can enjoy for years to come. Alongside photos and memories, a wedding video allows you to look back at all of the hard work that went into planning your wedding, as well as to relive all of the love and excitement from the day itself.

No Regrets Investing in a celebration of your eternal love should never come with regrets. Many of our past couples who chose to forgo wedding videography services claim that this was their biggest, and possibly only, regret. Which has definitely influenced our decision to publish this blog topic!! We want future couples to heed this warning from those who have come before them. So, when considering if a wedding videographer will fit into your budget, as yourself this – Acting as your future self, looking back on the day of your wedding, where can you spend your money most efficiently? Which “one-day” items can be eliminated or shaved down, cost-wise, in order to accommodate a “takeaway” item? In the years to come, following your wedding, which “one-day” items will be least memorable? Perhaps you don’t need to provide wedding favors (an open bar, a delicious meal and a fun evening can act as the favor). Maybe you don’t need to go ALL OUT with florals but can choose to do something simple, yet impactful. Knowing that most people will throw out a Save The Date and Invite after inputting it into their calendar, perhaps you don’t need the most expensive card stock and the gold foil accents. It’s likely that these types of compromises won’t even be thought about years down the road while going without a videographer has proven to be a common regret.

Katherine + Michael's Wedding Video By Predator Productions

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